How do I assemble your cabinet kits

Last Update: 2-24-2006

27″ cabinet kit assembly instructions


STEP 1 – Inventory the cabinet parts.

  1. Side Panel (qty 2)
  2. Front Panel
  3. Wood Coin door (not shown)
  4. Rear upper panel
  5. Rear door
  6. Rear lower panel
  7. Marquee light-box rear panel
  8. Cabinet Roof Panel
  9. Speaker Grille Panel
  10. Monitor Shelf (qty 2)
  11. Base/Floor (not shown)

kit exploded diagram.jpg (15343 bytes)

Also included in the kit:

  • T-molding (optional)
    icon[1].gif (1649 bytes)
  • L brackets (approximately 10)
    brackets.jpg (31518 bytes)
  • Twist-lock connectors (approximately 24)
    twistlockconnectors.jpg (32129 bytes)
  • Twist-lock studs (approximately 24)
    twistlockstuds.jpg (38909 bytes)
  • Support braces #1 16″ (qty 10)
    no1support.jpg (32184 bytes)
  • Support braces #2 15″ length (qty 2)*
    no2support.jpg (30512 bytes)
  • Support braces #3 25.5″ length (qty 2)
  • Support braces #4 20″ length (aprox)
  • Rear door lower assy brace 23.5″ length
    doorbracket.jpg (29663 bytes)
  • Universal monitor mounting frame

Tools required:

  • Regular sized and very short Phillips head #2 screwdrivers
    screwdrivers.jpg (43639 bytes)
  • Power screwdriver such as Makita or DeWalt or equivalent driver.
    makita.jpg (19757 bytes)makita.jpg (19757 bytes)
  • A Hammer or mallet
    hammer.jpg (14209 bytes)mallet.jpg (14965 bytes)

Additional parts to be provided by customer:

  • 1 1/4″ #8 Wood Screws
  • 5/8″ #6 Wood Screws
  • Quality Wood Glue
  • Additional support brackets

*Note: Early kits do not include #2 braces, they have extra #1 braces.
**Note: there are new monitor braces and a frame to support universal mount monitors. They replace the rearmost vertical braces.

Step 2 – Install support braces in both side panels (A)

  • To install braces, apply wood glue to underside, place within the pre-cut location and attach using power screwdriver with three #8 wood screws through the holes provided. Ensure that each brace is seated against the side of the pre-cut location firmly as shown in each photo. The logic here is that the edge of the wood rests against the edge of the cut for greater strength.
  • Attach support braces #1 to rear door locations on side panels (A) as shown.
    side1.jpg (34987 bytes)
    The rear door braces should be placed against the cut towards the rear of the cabinet.
  • Install monitor shelf braces in the pre-cut location towards the bottom of of the cabinet.
  • All cabinets made after 5/03 have a universal mount monitor frame, our horizontal mount monitor model has been discontinued and will not be supported.

    • 27″ universal mount monitor

      • Install monitor horizontal #1 braces in the precut locations under the vertical brace locations. Ensure that these braces are centered and braced against the edge closest to the BOTTOM of the cabinet. Install another set of braces (rotated 180 degress to offset the screw holes) on top of the first set. Effectively doubling the braces.
      • Install monitor vertical #3 braces in the precut locations torwards the TOP and REAR of the cabinet. These go in the rear vertical slots. Leave room at the bottom for the 2 monitor shelf panels to slide between these braces and the shelf braces below.
  • Install support braces #3 to lower location on side panels (A) as shown
    side3.jpg (28903 bytes)
    Ensure they are centered and placed against the top of the cut and away from the bottom of the side pictured.
  • Install support brace #1 to back panel F (with wood glue and #8 wood screws as shown
    back.jpg (26995 bytes)
  • Install rear door lower assy brace on the bottom of the door
    back door area.jpg (20913 bytes)
  • Allow glue to dry and then proceed.

Step 3 – Install Twist-lock connectors and main panels:

  • Install twist-lock connectors into holes on cabinet panels B, D, F, H, I as shown here
    twistlock.jpg (31057 bytes)
    ensure that the opening in each connector is lined up with the side of the panel.
  • Install twist-lock studs in both side panels (A) using #2 phillips screwdriver.
    twistlock3.jpg (35345 bytes)
    The locations are easily identified as they are pre-drilled.
    You can use a power screwdriver but be careful not to over-tighten as they are likely to strip if too much torque is applied.
  • Seat and attach panels B, D, F, H, I to side panel and lock with twistlocks.
    oneside.jpg (37330 bytes)
  • When assembling you insert a screwdriver into the twist lock and twist clockwise until tight to secure connector
    twistlock2.jpg (32038 bytes)
  • After attaching the lower panels install the other side panel (A) to the other side of the panels and lock twist-lock connectors.

Step 4 – Install base and monitor shelf

  • Install base (K) with power screwdriver and #8 wood screws, ensure that screws are installed through the base and into side-support braces. You may also want to put glue between the base and the support braces before installing.
    base.jpg (27360 bytes)
  • Install first monitor shelf to side-brackets using power screwdriver and #8 wood screws. The two monitor shelves should line up with the front edge of the rear vertical support bracket. Making a flush/flat surface for the frame to sit on.

    ** Ensure that the wood screws are installed through the shelf and into the side-support braces.

  • Install second shelf on top of first shelf and using power screwdriver attach with #8 wood screws through the shelf into the lower shelf.
    mshelf2.jpg (31489 bytes) mshelf3.jpg (30186 bytes)
  • Install universal mount frame in front of the shelves. The frame should be flat against the vertical brackets, and the front of both shelves. Resting on the horiz brackets. 

Step 5 – Install metal L brackets

  • L brackets are to be installed on each panel between all twist-lock connectors and on _all_ interior corners. Use 5/8″ #6 Wood Screws to secure the brackets to the cabinet.
    metal brackets.jpg (22524 bytes)
  • Install marquee light board with L brackets above the front twist locks.
    marquee light.jpg (26071 bytes)
  • Additional braces are available for purchase if you require more than what is included with the kit.

This document is a DRAFT and is not the final release. It may contain errors or omissions.

Gregory McGill and take no responsibility for mistakes made by customers during the assembly process. I am not responsible for any errors or omissions in this document. If you find an error please EMAIL ME and I will correct it on the web page.

USE YOUR HEAD and some common sense when assembling your cabinet and you will do fine. It is very straight forward.

If you need replacement parts or find parts are missing in your kit EMAIL ME and I’ll make sure you get what you need. Replacement parts are available at additional cost as are additional brackets or twist-lock connectors.

Replacement parts for parts damaged in shipment are covered by shipping insurance and must be claimed with the shipping company for re-embursement of damages. I am not responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping.


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