What is the process used in making these cabinets?

Here are images and description of the process of prototyping the 27″ cabinet:

I started this project with the idea in mind that I would build mame cabinets for people who don’t just want some hack-job cabinet with spray panted sides. They were looking for a classy brand new cabinet and all new controls and parts. Complete with clean lines and edges and a good working set up for MAME and other emulators.

I based my first design on the cabinet below.


Here is an example of what my 27″ cabinet looks like. Yes I know this is a Simpsons cabinet, I based my design on the Konami 25″ cabinet. The basic shape is the same. My control panels are wider and contain more buttons (see below) and have the trackball installed in the center. The large monitor looks great in this style cabinet which is why I chose this design over the other models. It also allows for lots of room for controls.

MAME will allow for over 4000 games (more every update) to be played, so I chose to design my cabinet to support the most games possible without replacing the control panel. This is one of my prototype 27″ cabinets showing off some arcade games in action, you can see the cabinet taking shape..:

mame3.jpg (16645 bytes) mame6.jpg (17560 bytes)
mame5.jpg (17148 bytes) mame7.jpg (17985 bytes) mame9.jpg (15771 bytes)

I found that the control panel layout below allowed for the most games without major problems with congestion and issues with games. Four joysticks, six buttons each (to support fighting games), a spinner for pong/breakout/tempest type games and a nice sized trackball with two buttons for the trackball. 

You can click on the images for larger views.

Here it is! The finished product on the production line. Order yours today!

Here is our professional cabinet shop with computerized router in action, carving out the cabinet parts Here are some of the parts laid out ready for assembly


And the finished product assembled and ready for installation of t-molding, monitor, controls etc.
Frontal view Left rear view Right rear view Control panel/monitor
Here’s the cabinet with T-molding installed, control panel and cp box installed and all the controls. And marquee
Front Left Right Controls and coin door

A close up of my marquee lit up: 

Monitor installed!

Ok as with any production you discover flaws in your first machine. I found two biggies. And the control panel had to be redone, here’s the newest design and a complete cabinet! Now includes 4 start buttons and a spinner for pong, tempest, breakout and other spinner/paddle games.


This is my production cabinet, ready to go to the buyer.

Here’s some shots of the prototype Cabaret/Jukebox cabinet:


My cabinets are built to last. They are sturdy, clean, straight, strong and professionally built by professional cabinet makers. Computer aided design assures exact measurements and computer controlled routers ensure quality end product. They are built with industrial grade laminated mdf material. Just like the cabinets in any professional installation. Built to LAST!

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