What other games can I run on your emulation cabinets?

You can load whatever you want in my cabinets. Since this is a Windows based PC it will run all the popular games available (depending on the video card requirements of course) and any emulation software out there including Daphne for laser disc emulation and console/computer emulation as well (MESS AND OTHERS) consult emulation based websites for more information on available emulators, my cabinets are compatible with them all.

The trackball and spinner controls act as the windows mouse inputs. The joystick and button controls are keyboard based inputs as far as the computer is concerned. This should work fine with any program out there that supports using a keyboard and mouse as a controller.

There are optional adaptors for Xbox and Playstation consoles for all of my emulation cabinets and the Arcadecenter X supports the gamecube and dreamcast consoles in addition to the PC, Xbox and Playstation.

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