TI-99/4A FAQ: Abbreviations

By Dan H. Eicher
    AVPC - Advanced Video Display Processor, produced by Digit Systems
            (Tom Spilane) - This PBOX card use an 9938. 
    c - Small C by Clint Pulley for the 99/4a.
    E/A - Editor Assembler.
    FDC  - Floppy Disk Controller. 
    FWEB - Funnel Web.
    GRAMULATOR - Graphics Ram Module produced by Cadd Electronics
                 allows the user to load/modify and run cartridges.
                 Unlike the GramKracker produced by Millers Graphics
                 with modifications, this unit could also run MBX
    GRAM KRACKER - See Gramulator.

    Grand Ram - A ramdisk produced by DataBiotics. Unique in that 
           it both battery backed up like a Horizon Ramdisk and 
           provided print spooler software (like the Myarc 512K)
           card. It also included connectors on board to connect
           to emulate the PBOX bus and cartridge port.
    GROM - Graphic ROM  
           Rom Memory developed by TI that automatically increments.
    HFDC - Myarc Hard Floppy Disk Controller.
    MBP - Eight port analog to digital card with real time clock.
    MBX - Milton Bradley Expansion Unit (yes the toy maker) allowed 
          the 99/4a to use voice directed games.
    PBOX - Peripheral Expansion Box also known as PEB.

    PC99 - A software package for MSDOS PC's (486-50 or faster) that
           emulate a TI99/4A. This is commercial software and well 
    PGRAM - Like the GramKracker, but on a PBOX card. 
    PIO - Parrallel/Printer Port.
    POP-CART - Cartridge produced by OPA that up to 512K of grom
               code and any number of cartridges could be placed.

    SOB - Son Of a Board. This board also plugs into the console,
          in the GROM1 socket. It adds an enhanced menu upon power
          up and fixes some video initialization problems that are
          transparent, unless you are using a 9938 or 9958 video 
          controller chip in your system. 
    TIM - TI Image Maker. This is a an 80-column board produced by 
          OPA. It had a Yamaha 9958 chip and came bundled with the
          SOB. It mounts inside the TI console in the TMS9918 socket.

    V9t9 - A software package for MSDOS PC's (386-25 or faster) that
           emulates a TI99/4A. This is freeware (produced by Ed. 
           Swartz) and no support from the author is available,
           but the source code is.
    XB  - Extended Basic.

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