TI-99/4A FAQ: Emulation

Emulation Section:

Windows Emulators:

Linux Emulators:

DOS Emulators:

Multi-platform Emulators:

  • Mame/MESS: http://mamedev.org/ (emulates every version of the 99/4a, the Geneve, 99/8 and more!)
    • https://ninermame.org for TI and Geneve MAME support from the current maintainer Michael Zapf
    • https://atariage.com/forums/topic/313851-ooeygui-v40-released/ The great java based front end for MAME that auto installs the latest TI-centric version and all the support files including carts, disks and roms
  • Java V9t9: http://eswartz.github.io/emul/

Web Browser based Emulators:

JS99er.net: http://js99er.net/

Emulation File Formats:

  • TIfiles file
    • TI Files was the first representation of a TI file in emulation or on a foreign file system. It contains the same information as the file on the TI but also includes a 128byte header (that we only use 16 bytes of) to contain the TI directory information. The original Xmodem implementation by Paul Charlton on the TI attached this header automatically so when you uploaded a file from your TI to some other type of computer (BBS) you could download it again without having to do a conversion or uuencode.
    • TIPI, HDX & Classic99 both support this file format
    • http://ti99-geek.nl/Doc/Ti99_dsk1_fdr.html and https://www.ninerpedia.org/wiki/TIFILES_format for more technical information.
    • TIFILES File Header
      	Byte	Content		Comment
      	0	0x07			Contains the length of the TIFILES string
      	1-7	'TIFILES'			Contains the literal string 'TIFILES' by means of identification
      	8-9	Length in sectors	Number of 256 byte sectors of the file, big endian
      	10	File type		Not the same as the PAB
      		Bit 0			Fixed (0) or Variable (1)
      		Bit 1-3			Not used
      		Bit 4			Protected (meant to prevent copying, largely ignored by 3rd
      					party software.)
      		Bit 5			Not used
      		Bit 6			Display (0) or Internal (1)
      		Bit 7			Data (0) or Program Image (1)
      	11	Records per Sector	number of records per sector for record based files
      	12	Bytes in last sector	Used to determine the true end of the file (0 indicates 256 
      					bytes in last sector)
      	13	Record length		The length per record, as in the PAB
      	14-15	Number records	Number of records in the file if fixed, or number of sectors
      					in the file if variable. Little Endian, which is unusual for the
      					machine and inconsistent with the length field!
  • V9t9 File (FIAD)
    • This is the most common emulator file format, it is simular to the TI Files format above in that you can store TI files in a foreign drive format but access them on the TI just like they were native.  V9t9, Win994a, HDX and Classic99 all support this format.
  • V9t9 disk image (DOAD)
    • this is a “sector dump” of the TI disk
    • Supported by Classic99, V9t9, Js99er, Win994a and MAME/MESS.
  • PC99 Disk image
    • PC99 sector dump of the TI disk
    • Supported by PC99 and MAME/MESS

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