TI-99/4A FAQ: SD-card Flash carts and Multi-carts

SD-Card Flash Carts

NOTE: Cartridges can NOT be used for loading disk files. You need a disk controller or equivalent for disk capabilities.

FinalGROM99 has been released, this replaces the Flashrom99 and has 1mb ROM and GROM space for full cartridge emulation. It also supports multiple folders on the SD Card!

purchase through Ralph directly information is here: (Ralph is no longer manufacturing these) https://endlos99.github.io/finalgrom99/

Still available at arcadeshopper.com

Flashrom99 (discontinued/replaced by Finalgrom99) that uses an SDcard to load 32k ROM files: https://endlos99.github.io/flashrom99/ I have a few cases left https://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/?page_id=11#!/FlashROM-Cartridges-cases-and-parts/c/22342012

ROM/GROM multi-carts are available here:


Also there’s a XB27 suite that is a ROM/GROM multi-cart with many utilities, extended basic, editor assembler, disk manager, diagnostics and 10 games and more: 





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