TI-99/4A FAQ: Software: Terminal Programs

What Terminal Software is there for the TI

Terminal Emulator II is a cartridge that will allow you to connect to RS232/1 or 2 at 110 and 300 baud.
This software has it’s own “terminal protocol” that allowed for changing character definitions and other cool stuff.
Runs on a stock console without memory expansion.

FastTerm was a popular terminal program that gave you basic terminal functions and xmodem transfers. 32k and cartridge image or disk system required.

Telco is the most full featured terminal program for the TI, it included multiple terminal (including ANSI but no color) and transfer protocols, phone book and auto dialer and many other features. 32k and disk system required

Term80 allowed you to have an 80 column terminal on your 99/4a with the stock VDP, hard to read but amazing! 32k and disk system required

Mass Transfer was a terminal program that worked well to send multiple files between computers. 32k and disk system required (included in XB27 suite) This is also one of the programs that has been updated to support telnet via TIPI see TIPI SOFTWARE for more info.

TIMXT is the latest terminal released allowing for up to 38000 baud full color ANSI terminal on a NanoPEB or TI rs232 card and 80 column text with the F18a VDP. 32k, rom load or disk system and F18a required. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/265573-timxt-terminal-emulator-dev/?do=findComment&comment=3761846

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