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Arcade video and pinball games found, and delivered to your door!
Last Update: 6/17/2003

Game Delivery Service

I can deliver games to cities off I-5 in Washington, Oregon and California for a fee. The fee depends on the number of games being transported and the location distance from Portland Oregon.  I deliver games with a much higher level of concern for their well-being than a freight carrier.  EMAIL ME and I'll work up a delivery quote.   I deliver games to the front-entry of a business or residence. I don't carry them up or down flights of stairs.  I suggest professional movers for that job..

Game Shipping Service

All games can be shipped via freight carrier from most major cities to most major cities.  We offer a professional game palleting and wrapping service in Portland for ANY SELLER for a fee we will pallete your game for shipping.  We also offer a crating service for a fee we will crate your game suitable for shipping with Forward Air.  We have a new shipping company that is even less expensive to some major airports than Forward Air and does not require a crate!  EMAIL ME for more info

The packing/wrapping charges are $75 for cocktail, $125 for upright games and pinball machines, cockpit/larger cabinets are quoted at time of packing. Crate service is available for $125 for cocktail, $150 for upright games and pinball machines, cockpit/large cabinets are quoted at the time of packing. Crate services are performed by professional crating companies.

An example of a wrapped game is here:

All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. I can set up shipping with a number of companies for you for a $25 administrative fee. I can also help you ship games from other parties to your door.. EMAIL ME for more info