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Arcade video and pinball games found, and delivered to your door!
Last Update: 12-26-2005

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My pinball machines:wallofpins.jpg (36931 bytes)

spaceinvaders.jpg (46921 bytes) Bally Space Invaders (c)1980

Space invaders was always one of my old time favorites, not the fastest gameplay but the loop can be quite challenging and I was always pretty fond of the double layer backglass with the cool alien on it.

<space invaders noise>

pinbot.jpg (44694 bytes) Williams Pinbot (c)1986

Pinbot was a favorite when I was just out of highschool. Used to go play it at the local mall arcade along with Highspeed (*just give me time I'll have one of those too..)

"Pinbot Circuits Activated"

blackknight.jpg (27312 bytes) Williams Black Knight (c)1980

Black Knight was a machine I have been fond of for years but never really comprehended the gameplay. Of course now that I own one I've got it all figured out. The playfield on this one is the best I've seen in years.. no wear to speak of, not even over the magna-save spots.

"The Black Knight Will Slay You"

hyperball.jpg (16883 bytes) HYPERBALL!   Works great, was kept in a home for 18 years prior to my purchase. This is one of the cooler non-pinball pinball cabinet games I've ever seen.  MORE INFO

Hyperball start and end

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