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Arcade video and pinball games found, and delivered to your door!
Last Update: 4-30-2003

Arcade game locate and procurement service.

I bring my years of experience in finding, buying and transporting arcade games to bear for you. If you are looking for something specific, and are serious about purchasing it you can rely on me to find you a machine that fits your specifications.I search the country for auctions and sales of arcade games and can find your game for you.

I have many contacts in the industry with dealers, collectors, game route operators and warehouse owners and can find your game.I can arrange transportation locally, or nationwide. International transportation of arcade games can be very expensive but there is nothing that can not be arranged.

If you don't know the exact title we recommend KLOV as a reference guide for video games
For pinballs we recommend the international pinball database

Arcade games cost anywhere from very little to thousands of dollars depending on the age, popularity and condition of the machine. Shipping inside of the USA is around $200 including packing/crating charges.  Pricing is tricky unless I know exactly what you are looking for so be thorough!

I charge a $50 referral fee PER CABINET for referring customers to other sellers. I can also procure, test and repair/clean and deliver games locally for additional fees. If I locate a game for you this fee is due in advance before I will put you in contact with the seller.

If you are serious and ready for me to find you a game today you can send the $50.00 fee click here for my payment options.

Once you have sent payment I will need details on what you are looking for. EMAIL ME with the following information

If you email me with your request without sending payment you are basically just adding your name to a long list of people wanting me to do work for them for free. They will all be waiting a long time unless I stumble across a game forsale and I am searching for buyers. Either way you won't get the information on the game without paying the fee.

If you are serious about spending a few hundred to thousands of dollars on an arcade game or pinball machine, $50.00 is more than worth the professional service you will receive from me. I provide pictures, details and choices.  And I follow up with my customers to make sure they are happy.  Half of my business is return customers.

** I offer a guarantee that I will locate at least one game that fits your specifications within 30 days or your money back. This only applies to requests that fit within these guidelines. 

If your request does not fit these guidelines I will notify you immediately and offer you a refund of your fee. (minus any fees charged me via paypal)  I can locate games outside of the US but I offer no time guarantee.  If you refuse the refund then I will of course continue to look for your game but I offer no guarantees.