TI-99/4A FAQ: Printers

Can I hook up a printer to my TI?

Sure with the following cards/addons you can hook up a printer.

      • TI RS232 PEB card has two serial ports and one parallel port.
      • TI RS232 sidecar has two serial ports
      • Boxcar made a  side port serial/parallel interface that was the same as TI’s but much smaller
      • NanoPEB has a single serial port that is the same as a PC serial port. 9 pin
      • CF7 has a single parallel port that is the same as a PC parallel port 25 pin
      • There was a cartridge based program that included a cartridge based parallel port, these are relatively rare.
      • Axiom made a printer interface that plugs into the side port, one for sale here:

If you don’t have a printer, you can use the program TI PRINT from Fred Kaal to use your PC’s printer with your TI. You just need a serial port (same as the HDX set up) and this software: http://www.ti99-geek.nl/Projects/ti99print/ti99print.html

ALSO TIPI includes color epson printer emulation you just print to the device PI.PIO as you would a normal printer and it will generate a PDF automatically of your print job.  files are found at \\TIPI\PDF

You can order a TI parallel cable here: 

http://www.cabledepot.com/05MCOlderTI.html  or



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